Best Selling Candles of 2020!

It's time to round up our best selling candles from 2020! In today's blog post we are going to be revealing the top 10 candles purchased by you, our awesome customers!

This year's list has a few surprises, especially in the top two spots! For those of you who have been with Book Scents for awhile you'll know who has been dominating that number one spot...well in 2020, like everything else, what we have come to expect as normal has changed!

Let's got through our results to see who made our top 10!

 #10. Echoes from Scotland: This candle has always been a top seller from the Outlandish collection, but this is it's first time making the top 10 list. Customers love this candle because it reminds them of Scotland - and what Outlander fan doesn't want to be transported to Jamie Fraser's home country!

#9. Evening at the Burrow: a hit in Fall 2020 - this cozy fragrance landed on the top 10 list for the first time! People can't get enough of this homey scented fragrance!⁠ ⁠ Customer April says it's her new favorite candle! Here's her 5 ⭐ review:⁠ ⁠ "I received this candle as a gift from my sister. It is the BEST candle scent ever. It makes my entire house feel cozy and like I'm baking bread. The family loves it, too!"⁠ ⁠

#8. Mine: Hanging in on our list for a second year, the bonding scent inspired by the Vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood takes the number 8 spot. ⁠ ⁠ A mix of black leather, clove, Madagascar black pepper, sandalwood, and musk - this fragrance is powerful!⁠

#7. Butch: Hello, Lucky #7! This is the first time Butch has made our best sellers list! In 2020 Butch made a strong showing - especially when he was paired with V! ⁠

#6. Murhder: Moving up 4 spots, our #6 best seller was Murhder!⁠ ⁠ Showing up on our radar in 2019, this Vamp was amazing on the page and demanded to have a candle in his name. Fans agreed as he started his time with Book Scents on the best seller's list within months of his addition to the Brotherhood collection.⁠

#5. Rhage: My favorite Brother and a regular on our top sellers list, Rhage is one of the most down to earth of the Brothers and his scent is a perfect match!⁠ ⁠His comforting fragrance is obviously a favorite that many Black Dagger Brotherhood fans can't pass up!

#4. Wrath: Flying up the top ten list to Number 4 is The King himself - Wrath!⁠ ⁠ Wrath takes command of every page you find him in the Brotherhood books. He’s dark and sexy and so is his scented candle.⁠ ⁠ This powerful blend of pepper, leather, patchouli, and musk will make you say “aaahhh” every time you light it. It will fill a room just like its namesake does.⁠

#3. Zsadist: Moving up one spot from 2019, Zsadist's candle holds a permanent place on our Best Sellers list, just like he holds a permanent place in the hearts's of BDB fans.⁠

#2. Jamie: We have a change in our top two spots from 2019 (and the number 1 spot since 2013!)!!⁠ Jamie has been a Book Scents best seller since 2013 – which means this is more than just an Outlander trinket that collects dust on your bookshelf. This drop from Number 1 does not damage the love the Outlander fans have for the King of All Men! ❤️⁠ This exclusive fragrance is the embodiment of Jamie and will help you get through your toughest Droughtlander days.

#1. Vishous: Congratulations to our new Number 1 Best Seller - Vishous!⁠ V doesn't like a lot of attention, but he garners it from the BDB fandom - like it or not!⁠  You'll love the blend of leather, smoke, amber, musk, and pepper in that bad boy candle! And think about all the fun you can dream up with about 60-70 hours of burn time with Vishous.It's enough to make even a naughty girl blush!