Badass Book Boyfriends

Every book lover and book worm needs her Book Boyfriend! This Valentine’s Day calls for mighty fine, strong and brave, smart and suave men from fandom…who all have their own scented candles! There’s a Book Boyfriend for everyone, whether you’re craving a bad boy, a brainy guy, a man’s man, a romantic lad, or a doting and funny fella.

Book Boyfriend Beard Oil Vishous Jamie Fraser Roger Rhage Fandom Scents

And…good news…not only do these Book Boyfriends have their own book inspired candles, but they each have their own beard oils as well! Choose from Jamie, Roger, Vishous, and Rhage! These beard oils smell heavenly and aren’t exclusive to men! They make great gifts and are body and hair safe. I was happy to learn that of one of my customers uses Vishous on the ends of her hair to keep her dear Book Boyfriend with her all day long!

Do we need any reminders as to why these Book Boyfriends are fan favorites? Here are a few!


  • Survived 200 lashings from Jack Randall to protect his sister Jenny from Randall’s advances
  • Takes Claire to the stones not once, but twice to help her return to her own time in spite of his own feelings
  • Marries Claire to protect her from the Redcoats and Jack Randall
  • Takes Laoghaire’s punishment when she is accused of “loose behavior;” he is beaten
  • An honorable man not only loved by women, but followed and respected by the men he meets


  • His social skills may need a little help but he goes to the ends of the Earth for those he loves, especially Butch and Jane
  • Technology guru of the Brotherhood, providing all members with their technical expertise
  • He’s a badass demi-God with many powers, one of which is casting the mhis (invisible, protective shield) around the mansion
  • He handcrafts the Black Daggers the Brotherhood uses in combat, maintaining them and sharpening them when needed
  • And let's not forget he's a bad boy in the bedroom...true?


  • Smart & sexy Oxford professor
  • Music lover who loves to sing Scottish folks songs
  • Bravely follows Brianna through the stones to help her save her parents
  • Selflessly went back to help the tortured priest and end his suffering
  • Helps Morag Mackenzie, his four times great-grandmother and almost dies 
  • A romantic, gentlemen you couldn't wait to bring home to the family


  • Laid-back, fun-loving, witty, and big-hearted
  • Falls for Mary because of her soothing voice - even "The Beast" loves Mary!
  • Has the nickname, “Hollywood” for his traditional good looks - blond hair and teal blue eyes
  • His favorite thing to do beside fight lessers and spend time with Mary is eating...everything!
  • Loves movies and pop culture - he's totally down to Netflix & Chill
  • Impulsive and sensual, he'll keep things fun and exciting

*Which of these Book Boyfriend scented candles are your favorites? Which Book Boyfriend will you choose to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with? What are your favorite things that these Book Boyfriends have done out of love or bravery?