​A Feast for Your Nose: Foodie Scented Candles

My favorite part about Thanksgiving (and pretty much the Holiday Season) is not only getting to spend time with my family, but also, of course, getting to enjoy all of the delicious food and desserts! They say that half of the taste is in the smell…and this has been studied by researchers and authors alike, such as Barb Stuckey in her book Taste: Surprising Stories and Science about Why Food Tastes Good. Apparently, somewhere between “75 and 95%” of what we think of as taste actually comes from our sense of smell! So, it’s important for our Thanksgiving foods and desserts to smell wonderful…along with our homes!

To best heighten the experience for our guests with a homey, great-smelling atmosphere and get us into the mood for Thanksgiving treats, try a few of my food and dessert scented candles listed below! They are perfect for pre-Thanksgiving excitement, Thanksgiving Day fun, and even post-Thanksgiving reminiscing— to savor the memories of awesome food and family! Heck, burn one during the football game! Go on, have a feast for your nose!

If you like savory scents…

Brave Adventures: If you love the smell of warm cinnamon buns, crispy bacon, and orange juice, you’re going to love this candle! I find that this scent is perfect for breakfast-time or early afternoons…or really any time if you eat breakfast for dinner! 

Evening at the Burrow: Baked bread, sweet harvest ale, and a warm cozy fire. This blend is one of my favorite fall candles and I think it’s perfect for Thanksgiving as well. 

If you like fruity scents…

Wise Creativity: Ravenclaws love a good treat…and so should you! This candle embodies the lovely smell of blackberries, raspberries, and sweet scones.

Clever Ambition: If you want a fruity, yet sweet scent, I recommend this crisp green apple and tangy pineapple blend. 

Pamela: Who doesn’t love strawberries and cream for dessert? Burn this candle in your powder room or foyer for a cozy feeling. 

Orange You Cute Love Potion: Bring on the chocolate cake, cinnamon, and delicious scent of orange! This blend is surely sweet and comforting.

Pumpkin Pasties: Just because November is almost over, doesn’t mean your memories of Pumpkin Spice can’t live on. Pick up this candle to keep your love for lattes alive.

If you like sweeter scents…

Apple of My Eye Love Potion: Tart apples and sweet caramel popcorn…say no more! This candle is a snack and will smell great in your home! 

Butter Brew: A Thanksgiving Day butterscotch and vanilla crème delight. 

Sweet On You Love Potion: Hey, sugar, I’m sure you’ll love this sweet brown sugar, pumpkin, vanilla, and coffee blend.

Lou: For those who go crazy for coconut, whipped cream, and maple bacon, Lou will surpass all of your expectations. 

Loyal Kindness: Sweet and tart lemon cake combined with ginger and chamomile scents…this fragrance fits right into your Thanksgiving Day atmosphere. 

These scents are great after Thanksgiving Day dinner to keep the feast going without increasing your waistline! They will definitely have you thinking of Thanksgiving before it arrives and long after the holiday is over— a feast that your nose will never forget! 

Reading this after Thanksgiving? Not to worry! Pick up one of these scented candles during the rest of the holiday season to enjoy - think Christmas, Hanukkah (there's eight nights to enjoy them!), Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve or even New Year's Day!