3 Reasons Why Scented Candle are Awesome!

Why do we love candles? Why do we collect them? Why do we get so excited to try new candles? Why do we give them as gifts?

Here are top three reasons why we love candles!

Scent is our strongest sense. The part of brain that processes scent has a direct line to the part that creates and stores memories.

This brings us to our first reason why scented candles are something we love…

1.They remind us of good times!

With that direct connection to our brain, scent imprints upon our memories. That’s why certain scents conjure up happy thoughts, fun times, or things we love.

You have a gut reaction that’s almost surprising. That candle you just sniffed reminds you of baking with your grandma. This candle has a tobacco scent that brings back fond memories of your grandpa. You smell coconut and it reminds you of summers at the beach with your closest friends. The examples are endless!

Scent imprints on our memory. Certain scents make us feel happy, fun, or loved.

…it was like I was back in Scotland again.

It smells like a Strawberry Shortcake doll!

This candle reminds me of Disney.

It reminds me of the punch we made for weddings and holidays

With those positive memories in mind, we start to use candles to impact our mood – which brings us to the second reason why we love candles!

2.They set a mood!

Candles help us set the mood - cozy, calming, invigorating, romantic. You name the mood, candles can help!

Realtors do this all the time! They encourage home sellers to burn certain scents to create a homey mood that will encourage buyers to consider buying their home. Baked chocolate chip cookies and vanilla are top recommendations (just in case your house is on the market!).

And we all know certain scents can calm us or get us moving. Each persons preferences are different, but each of us can find fragrances that set the mood for any situation.

Candles help us set the right mood. They are soothing, relaxing, energizing, romantic, and fun!

...makes my entire house feel cozy and like I'm baking bread

we love it for nights when we are all drinking

Other external factors impact our mood – sleep, weather, etc. Even the seasons can create a mood, like Spring Fever! We can embrace these seasonal shifts and enjoy them with fragrance, which brings us to the third reason we love candles!

3.They help us shift!

Scented candles can help us connect with nature. It's easy to get disconnected from the natural world when we're busy doing other things. We work all week, manage our family chores, and do all the adulting things. We constantly say, “where has the time gone?” With scented candles, you can enjoy florals in Spring, coconut, citrus and fruits in Summer, cinnamon, pumpkin and outdoorsy scents in Fall and pine, mint, and cocoa scents in Winter.

Keeping scented candles on hand can create a connection between you and the seasons.

I can almost smell summer from here...

Great transition candle from winter to spring

We’d love to hear why you love scented candles!