Artemis at Sea Scented Candle

Scent Description A fresh, cool scent that embodies the air and the sea
Color Light Blue
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Set the mood for a voyage of a lifetime with this ocean scented candle!

If you aren't living near an ocean or on a grand ocean adventure, then this candle will transport you to the sea! With it's calming and fresh scent, this gorgeous blue candle will transform your space into a seaside escape. 

Scent Description:
A fresh, cool scent that embodies the air and the sea
Light Blue

Product Reviews

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Artemis at Sea
Written by Feather on Jul 9th 2020

This is probably my favorite candle scent of the whole shop. If you aren’t close to the beach, this candle’s scent is enough for you to imagine you’re there. I recommend this one to all my friends!

Clean, fresh, and relaxing
Written by Janet on Mar 11th 2019

My second favorite Book Scent Candle, behind Jamie of course. The scent is clean and relaxing. Love the beautiful blue color.