2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Unveil the Magic of Scented Stories this Holiday Season

Welcome to our world of enchanting aromas and literary delights! This holiday season, we invite you on a sensory journey, where the fragrance of beloved tales merges with the warmth of flickering candlelight. At Book Scents, we're passionate about infusing the essence of stories into every candle we create. Whether you're seeking the perfect gift for a cherished someone or looking to enhance your own cozy nook, we've curated a range of scented candle experiences to delight the senses and ignite the imagination. Join us in celebrating the joy of gifting and the magic of stories this festive season.


Now, let's dive into our specially curated holiday gift guide, where we've segmented our offerings to cater to various preferences and budgets. In each category, discover scents that whisper tales, spark nostalgia, and kindle warmth. Let us guide you through a world where scents and stories intertwine to create an unforgettable gifting experience.


Explore our gift guide, and allow us to be your companion in gifting cherished moments and delightful olfactory adventures this holiday season.

Gifts under $30

Elevate the Spirit of Gifting without Breaking the Bank

Looking for delightful presents that capture the essence of storytelling without exceeding your budget? Our collection of candles and wax melts under $30 is designed to spark joy without compromising quality. Each candle is a mini world of aroma, perfect for spreading holiday cheer without stretching your wallet.

Gifts under $75

Indulge in Story-Inspired Luxury within Reach

For those seeking gifts with extra meaning and larger storytelling experiences, our selection under $75 encapsulates gifts with variety  These candles and wax melts make ideal gifts for those seeking a more extensive olfactory journey without a hefty price tag.

Gifts for Christmas Enthusiasts

Immerse in the Scents of the Festive Season

Celebrate the wonder of the holidays with scents that embody the essence of Christmas. Our holiday-themed candles are a homage to the season's spirit, crafting an ambiance that mirrors the joy, warmth, and nostalgia of this magical time.

Gifts for Book Lovers

Captivate the Heart of Bibliophiles with Fragrant Tales

For those whose hearts dwell in the world of books, our candles are an ode to the love of reading. Dive into scents that evoke literary nooks, transporting book lovers into their favorite chapters.

Gifts for Book Fandom Addicts

Immerse in the Worlds of Beloved Fandoms through Scent

Delight the fans of specific book universes with candles that bring their beloved stories to life through fragrance. These candles pay tribute to iconic tales, allowing fans to revel in the essence of their cherished narratives. The three fandoms we focus on our Outlander, the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Harry Potter. The collection below are our bestsellers from each fandom.